Our story, thus far

Welcome to Peridot!


A hidden gem on one of the oldest streets in Kuching, 28-seat Peridot offers a casual yet elegant dining experience for an unhurried night out.


Australian-trained owner/Chef Sham, created a selection of fresh and cosmopolitan taste in the hope of adding varieties and excitements to the already vibrant and fast changing local dining scene.


At Peridot, we like it flavourful and unpretentious, focusing on the best produce available around Kuching, so you can experience the best of creations. Our meats are from Australia and New Zealand, and we source our poultry locally, so it is always fresh. Our menu is well thought-out and our focus is on our customers. The menu will continually be changing and evolving to create variety and keeping it up to what’s hot at the moment. Being diverse as we are, we like our flavours to be bold and vary, to keep on exciting the senses.


It is new and unlike others. We are unapologetically unique and individual. Trend-setters, meet your new friend!


We look forward to having you in Peridot soon!

We have a mission

Our mission is to give our customers a place to celebrate life’s special moments by offering the best food, service and ambiance in Kuching.

We believe we have a role to play in creating a vibrant local scene and at the same time, provide a profitable business when working together with other industry players.

Being a small and young team ourselves, we always value each other’s talents and contributions. We support each other and embrace all our differences to create a safe and happy working environment. Perhaps it’s not too much to say, but we love our work playground!

We accept most major debit/credit cards and nationally issued e-wallets

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